Knowing Your Massages

A massage is one of the requisite services offered in a typical vacation or day spa. It’s relaxing, relieves your body of stress and muscle pain, and will definitely put you on a sound, uninterrupted sleep. A spa’s menu of services usually contains a wide selection of massages, from simple ones to those with fancy and foreign-sounding names. If you’re not really spa-savvy, it’s easy to get lost in the cacophony of terms and massage jargons. Of course, your therapist will usually explain these things to you and will help you determine the appropriate massage that will suit your needs. It still doesn’t hurt though to know the basics of massages.

The various types of massages can be classified into two categories: those designed for relaxation and those intended for pain management or for medical purposes. These are not mutually exclusive classifications however and an overlap sometimes occurs.

One of the most popular relaxation therapies is the Swedish massage. It was named after, you guessed it, a Swedish doctor named Per Henrik Ling who developed the technique during the 18th century. The massage employs firm, gentle pressure to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain and tension. Muscles are rubbed in the direction of blood flow returning to the heart. The massage is usually performed using the following techniques: long gliding strokes, kneading of muscles, circular movements to create friction, oscillatory movements to create vibration, staccato tapping, and finally, bending and stretching.

Another common massage technique 잠실 마사지 is the shiatsu which means finger pressure. Traditionally based on the Chinese meridian system, the massage works within the theory of energy circulation in the body and on the concept that there are particular pressure points that can be pressed to reverse the imbalances in the natural energy flow. Fingers and palms are used to apply localized pressure on these points. This is then followed by stretching exercises. During the session, the clients are taught to coordinate their breathing with the massage in order to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

A more physically engaging technique is the Thai massage. It is believed to have been developed 2500 years ago by an Indian physician. It later reached Thailand and was gradually influenced by Chinese medicine. It then became a traditional part of Thai medicine and was usually performed by monks. Thai massage involves a combination of yoga and acupressure. Therapists use their hands, knees, legs, and feet to apply pressure and move your body into various yoga-like stretching movements